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Superfluid is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Brennan IT, an enterprise CRM solution existing to provide organisations with intelligent business tools that deliver a competitive advantage.

CRM solutions to help your organisation achieve measurable digital transformation

Superfluid is wholly-owned subsidiary of Brennan IT, existing to provide organisations with intelligent business tools that deliver a competitive advantage.

We do this by leveraging both on-premise and Cloud-based platforms to create customised business solutions that automate and improve internal processes; enabling you to understand what you do better, increase productivity, and improve customer experiences.

Driving both short- and long-term success

Superfluid follows Brennan IT’s end-to-end managed services model, so we’re committed to your organisation’s long-term success: we understand that you’re looking for technology to improve what you do, not necessarily transform every aspect of your organisation at once.

We’ll provide you with practical advice and effective productivity tools that don’t just digitise the analogue, but that will help you to get to where you want to be by improving internal processes and adding functionality from the beginning, before then helping you to nurture it to accelerate growth and success.

Superfluid’s services

Dynamics 365 & CRM solutions

A great CRM system has little to do with the technology, it’s about enabling everyone to do their jobs better.

Superfluid can help you maximise the value of your CRM investment through assessing and optimising your current platform and business processes, planning a migration or upgrade, designing and implementing a new system and CRM tools, or provide long-term support.

Our Dynamics CRM QuickStart solution can provide you with an out-of-the-box base platform that we can then customise to meet your precise needs, delivering you with a complete CRM solution that integrates with the way that you want your organisation to operate, both quicker and cheaper than you might expect.

Discover more about Superfluid’s Enterprise Application Business Intelligence services, how we can help you establish your own Data Warehouse, and our full-suite Power BI QuickStart solution.

BI technology & data warehousing

BI technology enables you to make sense of the data in your organisation or, more specifically, the critical ‘Little Data’ that answers the important questions that you have about performance, growth and areas of concern.

Creating a fully-functional BI platform is a multi-step journey and Superfluid can help you to plan your adoption, build a data warehouse, before then customising and deploying a BI tool that will enable you to peel back each layer of your organisation ensuring you are getting tangible outcomes every step of the way.

Discover more about Superfluid’s Business Intelligence services, how we can help you to establish your own Data Warehouse, and our full-suite Power BI QuickStart solution.

Application customisation & integration

Having an organisation full of the latest technology is great, but if they’ve not been tuned to fit the way that you operate or to work with each other, then you’re not getting 50% of the benefit that they could provide you with.

Superfluid can work with you to assess what your organisation needs, both technologically and in processes, before customising out-of-the-box technologies to fit your organisation perfectly, automating many of the time-consuming tasks that bring down productivity as well as integrating new and legacy technologies in the process.

Discover more about Superfluid’s Integration Cloud solution, or our Custom Application Development and Process Automation and Digitisation services.

Office 365, SharePoint & Teams

Microsoft Office’s evolution to Office 365 brings with it a comprehensive suite of interconnected tools that can dramatically improve the way that you work as an organisation - but only if you know how to use them properly.

Superfluid can work with you to understand your needs and deliver each aspect of your Office 365 digital transformation. From governance and strategy, to design and build, to migration, training and ongoing support.

Discover more about Office 365 and how Superfluid can help you with your Office 365 journey.Superfluid-Logo-Pink

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