Custom Application Development Services

Get exactly the right tool, built especially for your organisation.

As organisations scale, the solutions that you already have in place and the off-the-shelf tools that exist often won鈥檛 fit together well enough to meet your bespoke needs.

Following our 1-to-5 approach, where you can pick the services you need based on your stage and maturity, we can help you to create exactly the tool you need.

From establishing what鈥檚 necessary via workshops and technical analysis, through wireframing and application development, and then creating the workflows and solutions needed to make it work; we can provide you with a unique competitive differentiator through technology.





1-to-5 Custom Application Development services:

1. Understand & identify

Through 1-on-1 interviews, workshops and primary research, we鈥檒l examine and record your current technological landscape before assessing what needs to be developed in order to create a solution that鈥檒l meet your goals; detailing timescales, core platform, wireframes, and likely costs.

2. Strategy & roadmap

Based on primary research or your choice, we鈥檒l design a roadmap and strategic plan to develop the tool, implement and integrate it, as well as transition to it; detailing any technical and human changes necessary.

3. Deploy

It鈥檚 at this stage that we鈥檒l build, customise, test and implement the tool. Depending on your needs and the solution involved, this stage may also include migrations, integrations and other platform modifications to make it fit.

4. Up-skill & adopt

We will help you and your employees to get to grips with the new tool and associated processes that have been put in place to make it work. Through group workshops and 1-on-1 tuition, the goal is to ensure that everyone is up-to-speed and can hit the ground running with it.

5. Support & optimisation

A long-term partner, we can provide you with ongoing support for the application to help ensure a fully functional and optimised working environment long into the future, as well as provide ongoing tuning and changes based on your organisation鈥檚 changing needs.

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